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Louisiana & Destination Wedding Photographer

Since 2006, Eye Wander Photo has been working with clients in southeastern Louisiana and throughout the United States to create lasting memories. We combine technical photography expertise with an emotional commitment to our clients to capture truly special moments. Our photographers are guided by the principle of "Listen, Look, and Love." We listen to our clients to truly understand what moment they want to freeze forever; then look into their hearts to find what represents each unique client; and finally, we love what we do—creating breathtaking images that become heirlooms for our clients.

Wedding Photography Services

Eye Wander Photo prides itself on treating every client and job as a unique experience. Our photographers capture beautiful and meaningful photos at every shoot because we develop deep relationships with our clients and truly understand their photography wishes. Our wedding services include bridal sessions, engagement shoots, rehearsal dinner coverage, wedding ceremony and reception photos, and even specialties such as boudoir sessions, pet portraits, underwater portraits and photo booths.

If you have a photography need that is not listed in our services, talk to us, chances are we have similar work in our portfolio.

​Why Eye Wander Photo

At Eye Wander Photo, we want every image we take to truly capture the moment, both as it looked, and as it felt. Our personal approach ensures that our photographers not only know exactly what the client wants, but how to best take that photo.

We have 4 photographers on staff, so no matter how large and crowded the event, or how complex the schedule, we won't miss a moment. All of our team members are highly trained professional photographers who share a passion for our "Listen, Look, and Love" approach to building relationships with our clients. We offer very quick turnaround times on our images, allowing our clients to enjoy the photos as soon as possible.To find out more about Eye Wander Photo, or to schedule an appointment, interested customers should contact us today.

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