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Underwater Photography for your Home or Office

I have been obsessed with capturing movement ever since I discovered photography. During most photo sessions, I ask my subject to run, jump, spin or flip. Dancers have been among my favorite subjects to photograph, so it came only natural to include them in this ongoing underwater photography project. I shoot in a pool (heated in the winter) and use a custom-made backdrop combined with above water and underwater lighting. Dare to experience the ultimate in Eye Wander Photo? Contact us if you wish to commission us for a custom underwater portrait session.

Underwater Portraits


The original inspiration for OVRFLO is the work by well-known fashion photographer Howard Schatz based in New York who published two books featuring his underwater dancers, H2O and Waterdance.

This underwater project began as a desire to push myself in a completely new direction as a photographic artist. I was looking for a project that would be technically difficult but extremely rewarding at the same time. I wanted to create works which celebrated the human spirit in his many forms, his struggles and his triumphs.

In total, I shot 32 dancers and models from May through November of 2015, ending up with over 120,000 images from which I selected and retouched 20 images to print for the project. I also produced a high quality book of the work featuring 46 pages of photos, many which weren't featured in the art show. The images in the show were printed on aluminum panels and were framed.

The special printing process involved a dye sublimation process in which the image was infused directly into the coating on the metal, giving the image a long-lasting scratch resistant quality, while maintaining the brightness of the original image. During the art show, patrons asked if I used backlighting behind the image to make the colors more vibrant, but this is the nature of the metal prints.

Metal prints are available for sale as well as copies of the book.

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