Imagine all of the milestones that happen in your life. There are weddings, 1st birthdays, graduations, and vacations. While a good photo is nice, a video is much better. Here are four benefits of using video to capture an event.

1. Expert Eye

According to Zippia, over 26,034 professional photographers are working in the United States. You can hire any of them for their expertise at your special event. Put down your camcorder and let these experts do the job. Photographers have an eye for capturing things you may not. They're always on the lookout for a funny moment, a candid moment, or a great freeze frame. Thanks to a professional photographer capturing your video moments, you will have plenty of memories to look back on than if you handle it on your own.

2. Better Repurposing

When you have video of your events, you can enjoy more footage to work with. The more footage you have, the more you can repurpose it in other ways. Take, for example, social media. You may want to take some of your videos and create shorts for your YouTube channel or Instagram page. Video production also provides a way to capture freeze frames to make still photos.

3. Recorded Audio

Photos of your family and friends will always be special. What about capturing some of your loved ones' jokes? How about that cousin or friend with a funny laugh? What about that speech that had everyone in tears at a wedding? You can't capture that with a photo. However, thanks to professional video production, you can get all of these moments in motion, visually and with great audio.

4. Guest Relaxation

When you hire professionals for video production, you and everyone else at the event can relax. If people want to take their snapshots, that would be an extra service. However, as the host, you can have confidence that many moments will be captured. You won't have to worry about missing anything and you can enjoy your wedding or milestone birthday with the guests.

As you can see, video can kick any event up a notch. When gathering with loved ones, there are many memories that you don't want to miss out on. For quality videos you can share for years to come, contact Eye Wander Photo today for more information.

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