About You

You. You’re not like everyone else. The cookie-cutter approach has never worked for you. Sure, you may use Pinterest to plan your day, but you’re no copy-cat. Would your friends describe you as quirky? Perhaps. Stylish? Vogue is calling for your fashion advice. Full of laughter? You bet. Free-spirited and organic? Yes way. You probably even shop at a “Whole Foods” type grocer because you value health and well-being.

You and your lover. Maybe you’re both hopeless romantics, not afraid to show a little PDA. You and your lover are likely creative, open-minded and love to travel. Beyond all this, most importantly, you’re totally smitten with each other and you love spending time together. This is what you want to document. Nothing posed and stiff, but living, breathing goodness. You as a couple have your own internal light which brings life to a room.

Your wedding. Your dream wedding is probably outdoors in the late afternoon with an organic and simplistic vibe that appears effortless. It’s filled with bright light and soft color. The light highlights all the gorgeous details into which you’ve poured your heart. When you think about your wedding relived through the photography, it brings a cathardic feeling and a sense of graditude that you put your money in the right place. Not in things that fade away and wilt and decay, but in memories that become family heirlooms.

Your photographer. A few posed shots are fine for Grandma, but what you’re really looking for is someone who can give you a set of creative, stylish, beautiful images that will tell the story of your love and the celebration of your friends and family in a natural and organic (there’s that word again) way.

Getting to know you. The engagement session allows Aaron to get to know you as a couple. To see the you both as you truly are. Therefore on the day of your wedding, you’ve already created a trusting relationship, so it’s as if he’s a friend with a good camera.

Take a peek at this blog post about using your wedding photographer to the fullest. We’re more than picture-takers.